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20 Jun 2010

A little change.

It’s been quite a while since i last posted on here, so i apologise if anyone is reading this? lol.

Anyway, some new info needs to be added to my blog via my boyfriend (by the way..can you? lol) as some things have changed a little since i lasted posted on here.

I no longer attend Weight Watchers, this is due to me not being able to get there. I live in a place called B’sea, and if you’ve ever been here you’d understand. I dont drive, and having to ask my folks to take me to class on a thursday seemed a bit..cheeky in the end. And the fact my mum has to change her shifts to one late shift a week this usually fell on a thursday evening ie my weigh in day :| I could ask my dad, but to be fair he’s getting old now, and he works long hours during the day..its just not fair. Theirs always the bus route, but again it would take me around an hour or so to travel to class using two buses which more than likely wouldnt connect into each others times following a long walk, which just isnt going to happen. Considering in the car it takes about 10 mins tops.

So, last wednesday i decided to join Slimming World and im giving this a whirl. It’s local, on a wednesday evening and about a 5 minute bike ride down the town - happy days. The plan is quite easy to follow, you pick from a red, green or extra easy day, since starting ive lived on extra easy and today’s choice has been a green day. A green day involves eating pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables, qourn, fruits, a daily allowance of bread, cereal (weighed) milk and cheese. The book states you can eat as much as you want, but since ive began the plan i just dont feel the need to over eat because its free. I have been totally full up between each meals, and if i did snack its just been on fruit, fat free yoghurt or a low syn treat.

Lets hope that my first weigh in on wednesday will be okay, and give me that boost i FEEL i needed. Last few weigh in’s at my old Weight Watcher class has been STS’s.

8 Jun 2010

It wasnt half bad.

This morning i had the pleasure of going to the dentist, for my FIRST ever filling. I was shocked a few weeks ago when the dentist told me i needed a small filling, and this morning i really wasnt looking forward to it, one bit. The worst part of it all was actually getting my teeth cleaned before having the filling done. I HATE having my teeth cleaned by a hygienist. The last time i had them done i reported the lady, she seriously cut my gums up and i bleed for like a week. And i wasnt the only one who she did this too. So ever since then, ive always been a little frightened and nervous :( The filling itself was okay, i didnt really mind as my right side of my face was totally numbed up, only took a minute or so and it was over.

Today’s been a fairly healthy day, this morning i had 28g Shreddies for breakfast, then after a few hours of having my filling done i munched a low cal sandwich with some wotsits, was a little tricky trying to just chew on my left side of my mouth..took longer to eat which i guess is a good thing. They say you’re meant to chew around 10-15 times for each mouthful i believe?

This evening i made a chocolate and banana cake using Scandinavian high fibre crisp breads, you can buy them from health food shops, around £1.50p a pack. 

I used -

  • 5 crisp breads
  • 2 eggs
  • 2-3 tbsp sweetener
  • 28g cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp runny honey
  • 1 banana, chopped.
  1. Place the crisp breads in a jug, pour boiling water over them and set aside for a few minutes until the crisp breads have soaked.
  2. Drain the water from the jug and mash the crisp breads, they’re soggy by this point so its easy-o.
  3. Whisk 2 eggs, add the cocoa powder, sweetener and honey, mix mix mix.
  4. Add the crisp breads and stir lots, then add chopped banana.
  5. Place into a microwave dish and bung in the microwave for around 6 minutes.
  6. The cake will rise a little, and should come away from the sides of the container.

I personally dont like it warm, so i cut mine up and ate when cooled. The scan bran is sold in health food shops and also at Slimming World classes. My friend gave me some other recipes using this scan bran, using mincemeat is also quite nice :)

Heres the site if you’d like to read up http://brancrispbread.com/

Nom nom nom.

7 Jun 2010

It’s been a few days..

Since ive logged on here, this has been due to me staying at my boyfriends and also trying to cram in lots of studying, so thankyou for people who have started to follow me..give me some time to just understand this site a lil more and i’ll be on here more regular and hopefully post more too!

So the past weeks food intake has been actually alright, apart from saturday around 2 or 3am when i was propped up a kebab bar waiting for a chicken kebab and chips to cook. Urgh, WHY?! I personally blame alcohol..and tiredness. Luckily, eating around 3/4 of it and drinking water made me feel super full and sickish, so i left the rest..makes me feel a bit better about the choice i made. And to be honest, it was the lovely fella’s 29th birthday right?

Throughout saturday i did feel a bit bleurgh and tired, not exactly use to drinking and going to bed around 4am. Why does after drinking make you feel shitty? And then, all you want is shitty food to make yourself feel better? And luckily, their was nothing shitty in my fella’s flat to consume, Woo! Although the urge was there, a ickle bit.

Being back at work today has brought me back into routine, good solid breakfast of branflakes and banana, low calorie bread filled with wafer thin chicken, fruit and low cal yoghurt. This evening i cooked a “Haaaauge” vegetable stir fry with noodles, i think im all vegged out. Im quite tired as last night i didnt get to sleep till quite late, then being up early and being on my feet all day has made me super tired, an early night maybe in order. But i have studying to do still :( in preparation for thursday morning. Kind of pushed that aside until i jump into bed, cannot concentrate when i have my T.v soaps on :)

2 Jun 2010

Loosing your mojo is never a good thing.

I joined WW’s earlier on in the year, well around march time, the 4th to be exact. And i have done kind of well, 20lb loss so far. I am pleased with where i am heading, but the last 2 weeks ive been feeling a little meh about the plan. The reasons why i rejoined WW’s are..

  1. To be happier and confident about myself.
  2. To be able to walk into a skinny minny shop and buy something without hassle hassle hassle.
  3. To be more healthier, we all need to right?
  4. To loose my bingo wings..urgh.
  5. To learn new recipes and idea’s which i can pass onto my family & friends.
  6. To make my parents proud.

Number 6 is a hard one. A few years ago, i was doing very well with WW’s, at my heaviest weight i was nearly 18 stone, and i dropped down to around 11 and a half stone. (Maybe one day i’ll stick those before and after photo’s up)

My folks were really proud of me, and i wasnt far off from being at goal. (My ideal goal weight then was around 10 and a half stone mark) Things happened in my life which lead me to just fall off the wagon and i fell back into my old ways.

Now i know deep down inside im not a happy bunny about my weight, (currently 16 stone 1lb) and i kind of get the feeling others may not be either. This is only due to them knowing how happy i was when i lost quite a lot of weight in the past. I admit, im a comfort eater, when shit hits the fan i turn to food. I always have done and hopefully slowly in time that habit will change for the better. I hate staring at my wardrobe knowing nothing fits, i mean how depressing is that.

So today i dragged myself out of bed, and walked down to WW’s class in town where i live. I usually dont attend the wednesday weigh in as i am at work. (due to it being half term i am off workies, get in) so off i went, feeling i shall say…..not confident. I had lost my mojo if im honest, and took a sneaky peak on my scales at home previously and it wasnt a good sight.

Lining up waiting to be weighed made me think, im paying all this hard earned cash to get weighed, and im not following the plan 100%..wtf am i doing here? Time to kick my ass back into gear.

I jumped on the scales and Stayed the Same..Phew. I decided to even talk to the lady about this friday’s birthday bash my boyfriend is having in London. I want to have a good time and have a few drinks, whilst still staying on plan. She advised me to save some points for the evening, and to fill up on 0 point food throughout the day. I am thinking of using my boyfriends blender to make some 0 point soup..is that okay? :) I’ll have to think of a nice soup to make..thats cheap..hmmm.

And on that note, i am off to bed..i have a date with the July issue of WW mag and to bug my bf by texties :)